Why Gary Payton II almost applied for a Warriors video coordinator job

Gary Payton II, video coordinator for the Warriors. Imagine that.

It almost became a reality just eight months ago when the Warriors guard was battling for a spot on the NBA roster. Payton was dropped by the Warriors ahead of the season, despite finishing the 2020-21 season on the team. But after allowing waivers, Golden State brought him back.

Meanwhile, Payton II almost found himself interviewing for a vacant video coordinator position on the team, as he told ESPN’s Malika Andrews on Tuesday.

“I knew my chances,” Payton II said. “They were telling me that my chances were pretty low to make the team. So they had a video coordinator position open. And I was trying to get that position, I was trying to apply for an interview for the position just to stay on this team and be on the team and see if I can help – and you never know, the 10 days might show up.”

The 29-year-old had bounced around the NBA and G-League before coming to the Warriors, so he was used to disappointing decisions.

This time, however, there was a happy ending.

“I just stuck with it, and the next thing that happened, they got a call that we understood and I was staying,” Payton II added. “It was no longer a video coordination job.”

Luckily for Payton II and the Warriors, there was no interview for the video coordination job. But he came close enough for the mate.

“It got very real right now,” Payton II said. “They cut me and the next move was like, go back to G or try to stay here and be close to the team. I tried to stay here, close to the team and the next thing I know I get a call saying you’re [on the 15-man roster]so it worked. »

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To say things “worked out” with Payton II and the Warriors would be an understatement. “Young Glove” had a stellar season, averaging 7.1 points and 3.5 rebounds in 71 games, starting 16 of them. He made a name for himself as an elite defender and guard with incredible vertical abilities, with multiple dunks under his belt.

He even started the playoffs for the Warriors as they head towards a championship.

It’s safe to assume that Payton II won’t find himself in a position where he has to be a video coordinator to stay on an NBA team again.

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