Weavr announced the launch of 3 new financial plugins

By Joy Dumasia


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Weaver announced the latest evolution of its Plug-and-Play Finance solution with three financial plugins, which provide the essential tools that digital businesses need to offer financial services. Within weeks, businesses can be up and running and providing their customers with financial services. Compared to traditional banking-as-a-service (BaaS) solutions, Weavr’s products allow this process to happen at a fraction of the speed and cost, dramatically lowering the barriers to market entry for innovative minds. in all sectors.

The bottom line for businesses is that they can launch, validate, and multiply revenue per user of financial services with relatively low time and resource commitments. The three financial plugins already offer powerful financial capabilities to digital businesses in various industries. Recently, they have been deployed by leading innovators across industries, including cash app for freelancers, MONET, a universal bill clearing solution, Troc Circle and finway, a financial management platform for SMEs. .

All three financial plugins are very accessible in how they can be implemented and their pricing structure. Weavr’s bespoke pricing models make them accessible to businesses at all stages of growth. As a result, the company helps innovators maximize their return on investment and funding, which are increasingly important in today’s uncertain economic environment.

The three financial plugins launched are:

The Worker Finance plugin allows platforms to power payments for freelancers, gig workers, creators, and influencers of all types. Platform builders can add the financial infrastructure freelancers need to manage cash flow, make payments, reduce administration, and more, freeing them to focus on more important tasks , such as increased income.

BaaS solutions create a bottleneck for innovation, exacerbated by time-consuming and costly integrations. In contrast, Weavr’s financial plugins make it faster and easier to integrate powerful financial services, enabling innovative companies to deploy new services that can increase revenue per customer by 2-5x. Additionally, Weavr takes care of all regulatory compliance, allowing companies to focus instead on economic performance and product development.

Alex Mifsud, co-founder and CEO of Weavr, said, “Today we take a major step towards fulfilling our promise to provide a radically simpler way to integrate finance. We do this by designing financial engines for specific types of use, whether it’s accounting software that saves time and reduces errors for their business customers by integrating payment to suppliers, systems HR allowing any employee to make payments with control but without bureaucracy or even to feed platforms. for the creator economy with essential financial services tailored to influencers and other creators. Thanks to the launch of our Financial Plug-ins, companies can benefit in the very short term from adding financial services to their applications, thanks to their simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

In the past, the cost of building a financial infrastructure was prohibitive, and its operation involves the significant and ongoing burden of regulatory compliance, risk management and data security. Our innovative solutions remove these barriers, because Weavr takes them all on for innovators. Our approach is to make integrating finance simple and accessible to all innovators, helping them overcome traditional BaaS barriers and accelerate real-world benefits.

Recently, IBS Intelligence reported that Plug-and-Play financial services provider, Weavr, announced its launch in Lisbon, Portugal. In recent times, Portugal has become a hub for startups, and the number of startups per capita in the country is currently 13% higher than the European average.

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