Trea Turner is ready to sign a contract extension with the Dodgers

Although the Los Angeles Dodgers lost All-Star shortstop Corey Seager to the Texas Rangers in free agency, they still have one of the best players at that position on their roster in Trea Turner.

However, the Dodgers may not find themselves with that luxury next offseason. Turner is entering his final year of officiating, which means he should become a free agent after the 2022 season if he hasn’t signed a contract extension before then.

Prior to the 2021 season, the Dodgers tried to lock Seager up for the long term, but they couldn’t reach a deal, and he ended negotiations during the season to focus on baseball.

Now the Dodgers could once again find themselves trying to come to terms with their superstar shortstop in the final year of his contract. But unlike last year, negotiations could continue into the season if they fail to reach a deal in spring training, as Turner is open to discussion at any time, via Southern’s Bill Plunkett. California News Group:

“I feel like I’m compartmentalised. I can have a conversation if anyone wants to have a conversation,” he said. “Otherwise I’m ready to play and ready to go out there and do what I’ve been doing for the past few years. As I have said in the past, I will have interviews. But if they don’t happen, if they don’t happen or if they happen, I don’t worry about them. I’m afraid I won’t stink today. It’s kind of my motto, don’t suck today. So, I’m putting in the time and we’ll let these things take care of themselves.

It has often been reported that Turner would prefer to play on the East Coast, meaning his stay in Los Angeles would be short-lived. However, Turner seems more willing to stay with the Dodgers than previous reports indicated.

Of course, there’s also a chance he’s expressing that sentiment to create his market because it would be unwise to eliminate one of baseball’s biggest spenders before he’s even heard any other offers.

But at the end of the day, free agents tend to take the most money offered to them, especially top talent like Turner, which should keep the Dodgers involved.

Turner named top 10 shortstop by ESPN

Although Turner ended 2021 as a second baseman, he was ranked by ESPN’s Buster Olney as one of the top 10 shortstops in baseball. Olney amassed his annual list by receiving feedback from reviewers and others around baseball.

Now that Turner is replacing Seager as the Dodgers’ starting shortstop, he’s been ranked No. 3 on the roster. Turner is only behind free agent Carlos Correa (No. 1) and San Diego Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr.

Turner is coming off the best full season of his career as he won the batting title and was named to the National League All-Star Team for the first time in his career. In 148 games, he hit .328/.375/.536 with 28 homers, 107 runs scored, 77 RBI, 32 stolen bases, a 142 wRC+ and 6.9 WAR.

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