Taxi fares to rise in Blackpool in hopes of attracting more drivers

This was after the taxi trade reported a shortage of drivers in the city

Author: Shelagh Parkinson, local democracy reporterPosted 7 hours ago
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Taxi fares in Blackpool are expected to increase by an average of five percent as part of a package that will hopefully also help attract more drivers to the business.

Advisors have accepted a request from the Blackpool Licensed Taxi Operators Association (BLTOA) for changes that also include the advance of times when the more expensive nightly rates go into effect.

This means that the average fare for a two-mile journey before 9 p.m. (fare one) will drop from £ 5.80 to £ 6, which is in line with national averages.

Late night tariffs (tariff two) will start one hour earlier at 9 p.m. instead of 10 p.m., while the early hours tariff (tariff three), which includes an additional 60 pence over the tariff, will start at midnight instead. from 1 am in the morning.

The effect of the overall changes, which were approved by the council’s public protection subcommittee, is an average increase of 5.29 percent. Changes will now be announced before they are implemented.

A council report said higher late-night fares were “payable to drivers for their antisocial working hours” so the measure “would help ensure the availability of taxis.”

The report adds: “The taxi trade has recently reported a shortage of drivers, particularly in the evening / night, and it is hoped that these measures will help fill this gap.

“BLTOA said in its communication that there had been complaints that there were not enough drivers late at night and early in the morning.

“Following informal discussions with private rental operators and BLTOA, the licensing service would address these concerns. ”

It was reported last month that some of the city’s taxi operators had half the usual number of drivers available to work after 8 p.m. on a Saturday night.

The shortage of taxi drivers has been blamed on drivers who found alternative jobs during the Covid pandemic and did not return to the industry.

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