Sarah Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens will likely be held in a separate prison wing for his own safety

Sarah Everard’s killer will be held in a Category A maximum security prison and will likely be in a separate wing for inmates vulnerable to attack.

Category A prisons in England and Wales are reserved for men who, if they were to escape, pose the greatest threat to the public, police or national security.

Ex-police officer Couzens, who will be jailed for the rest of his life for the kidnapping, rape and murder of Ms Everard, is very likely to be held in a separate wing from most of the other detainees, I understand.

Indeed, his job as a police officer and the gruesome and sexual nature of his crimes put him in danger of being attacked by other inmates.

It costs up to £ 87,000 a year to hold prisoners in maximum security prisons, although the cost varies from prison to prison.

Couzens, 48, has so far been remanded in custody at Belmarsh Prison, which has previously housed killers such as Ian Huntley and John Worboys as well as extremists such as Anjem Choudary.

However, he could be transferred to one of the other seven maximum security prisons.

While incarcerated in Belmarsh, Couzens was completely isolated under “Rule 43”, which is reserved for inmates who need protection from the main prison population.

Couzens will serve a life sentence – the harshest sentence available in the UK criminal justice system for those who commit the most serious crimes.

Upon receiving such a punishment, he joins a chain of some of the country’s most dangerous offenders, who are expected to die behind bars.

But this is the first time that the tariff has been imposed for a single murder of an adult not committed during a terrorist attack.

According to government figures at the end of June, 60 criminals are serving life sentences.

They will never be considered for release, unless there are exceptional humanitarian grounds to justify it.

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