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To date, 12 states, including Wisconsin, have implemented 2Gen approaches to align and coordinate their agencies and strengthen programmatic supports for families, including linking child care and early learning programs to development. labor and economic pathways, adopting new models of home visiting and creating effective supports for parents and children as states seek more effective and equitable outcomes for children and families .

The 2Gen approach has provided state agencies with a pragmatic, goal-oriented way to advance equity and well-being by changing and aligning the gears of early childhood, from kindergarten to early childhood education. Grade 12, post-secondary achievement, health and mental health, economic assets and social capital. .

The impetus of the state has three major effects. First, many states are reviewing and aligning child and adult service programs to put families at the center. A 2Gen analysis identifies inefficient practices that force families to navigate fragmented systems, inconsistent eligibility rules, or conflicting expectations, all of which create barriers to good outcomes. Second, 2Gen has fostered new family-centered collaborations between public agencies to produce better outcomes for children, parents, caregivers and families. Third, 2Gen has catalyzed new partnerships at the community and county level.

It’s time to put family well-being at the center of our national agenda. With new ARP resources and possible additional investments from budget resolution, we can seek opportunities on what really works and open up a better way to serve parents and children together.

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