Reali strengthens its real estate platform with rate lock-in feature

SAN MATEO, California, July 29, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Real, the real estate technology company that transforms the buying and selling of homes, today announced Reali Rate Lock, a simple, hassle-free way for qualifying clients to lock in the interest rate on their home loan and opt out. protect against future rate hikes. For homeowners and future homeowners looking for a new mortgage to purchase a home or to refinance an existing mortgage, Reali Rate Lock speeds up and streamlines the mortgage lending process for qualified borrowers by eliminating the extra documentation, the stress and frustration often associated with obtaining a home. to lend.

“Mortgage interest rates are at historically low levels,” said Brand Jason van den, Loans Manager, Reali Loans. “The industry has never seen rates like these. Whether you are a new home buyer or refinancing your current home, now is the perfect opportunity to lock in a rate given the current market environment. With today’s rate volatility, Reali Rate Lock can preserve a rate before the loan application is completed, providing peace of mind in the face of any financial uncertainty that may arise around monthly home payments. “

Traditionally, the loan application cycle lasts 30 to 45 days and is subject to increases in interest rates and market fluctuations. Reali Rate Lock reverses this outdated process by allowing homebuyers to lock in low rates online in minutes 24/7, without having to download documentation or leave their homes.

“Reali Rate Lock is another example of how we are simplifying the mortgage process through technological innovation,” said Amit Haller, co-founder and CEO of Reali. “In addition to offering cutting-edge features like rate foreclosure, Reali Loans powers convenient and cost-effective programs like Cash Offer and Swap. Both of these programs empower home buyers and sellers alike. and the seamless experience of buying a home with cash and forgoing the traditional way of buying and selling a home at the same time – something that traditional brokerage firms can’t compete with. “

Reali Rate Lock allows eligible customers to lock in their mortgage interest rates online without speaking to a loan officer by making a down payment on their appraisal using debit or credit card information. Customers will need to qualify for Reali Rate Lock based on the results of a credit check.

To date, Reali Loans has funded more than $ 300 million in loans, served over 1,000 borrowers and generated on average $ 20,000 savings for each customer. Reali has expanded to offer mortgage and refinancing options to buyers and homeowners in twelve states following its acquisition of Lenda in 2019.

About Reali

Combining high tech and high tech, Reali is creating a fundamental shift in real estate to deliver an innovative new model that makes the journey to homeownership simple, affordable and stress-free every step of the way. Reali offers complete home buying and selling solutions ranging from real estate to mortgage, escrow, title, insurance and more. Keep in touch at, join our team, Where download the Reali app for iOS and Android.

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