Patriots accused of pushing DeVante Parker to failure


DeVante Parker, New England Patriots

The job of any NFL coach is to put their players in the best position to succeed. Some suggest that Bill Belichick and Co. failed at least one player in this area.

Have the New England Patriots put WR DeVante Parker in the best positions to show his worth? Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald says no. Guregian calls out the Patriots coaching staff — especially de facto offensive coordinator Matt Patricia — for not finding the right ways to implement the weapon the team traded in to get this offseason.

“In the first two games he was on the pitch for the majority of the attacking snaps,” Guregian explains. “And produces almost nothing. He had just one strike for nine yards on four targets. Lil’ Jordan Humphrey has so many catches. Worse, two of Parker’s targets resulted in Jones interceptions. So something has to change. Parker needs to get more involved, or eventually get his shot count reduced.

Jones seems to barely watch Parker in most passing plays, and when he does, he only throws the ball to him in 50-50 situations. Since the two men don’t have much chemistry and arm strength isn’t one of Jones’ main qualities, those assists were losing bets for the Patriots.

“Playmaker Matt Patricia and the collective of coaches who craft the offensive game plan each week need to put Parker in better positions to succeed,” Guregian explained. ‘Forget the jump balls. Patricia needs to do a better job opening it up in the coming weeks, starting Sunday against the Ravens. This means he needs to execute more quick tilts, in-cuts, or short crossovers. Just give him the ball and see where he goes from there.

The lack of route diversity makes Parker much easier coverage, especially considering he’s a bigger, more physical receiver who never made a name for himself creating a ton of separation at the line of scrimmage. Parker is at his best, forcing his way into a position to get between his defender and the ball. Are these contested capture situations? Yes, but there are other ways to use this skill.

“While it was easy to see his catching ability challenged over the summer when observers noted he was the type of receiver the Patriots wanted N’Keal Harry to become, it’s incumbent on Patricia to dial in plays that put the ball in his hands with room to run,” Guregian continued. Part of that is on Jones, part on Parker, but it also comes down to playing. Parker’s strength does not gain in separation on the routes. He failed to beat anyone on the field. So Patricia has to see if he can spring Parker with shorter routes down the middle. If the Patriots try this and Parker remains unproductive, cut his snaps and hand them to Bourne.

Parker may be the latest bust in the Patriots’ series of relatively high-profile wide receiver acquisitions. However, Belichick and his assistants owe it to themselves, Parker and the Patriots fanbase to at least put the veteran WR in a position to do what he does best.

When will N’Keal Harry return for the Bears?

Patriots fans will likely always have at least a slight interest in Harry’s career. There were such high hopes for him in New England when he was drafted in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Things didn’t work out and he was traded to the Chicago Bears this offseason for a pick. of the seventh round.

Unfortunately for Harry, he injured his ankle during training camp. The injury required surgery and he was sidelined for eight weeks. That schedule started in early August, so Harry could be ready to make his debut for the Bears in October.

Before Harry was injured, most agreed that Chicago was a great landing spot for Harry as the team lacked a No. 1 wide receiver. Harry could be in a good position to revitalize his career , but he must enter the field first.

Patriot Notes and Quotes: Bill Belichick’s Biggest Mystery?

CBS Sports Radio’s Maggie and Perloff posted an interesting Belichick-themed poll on Twitter Thursday night.

If you could convince Belichick to reveal one of the biggest mysteries of his coaching career, what would it be? Candidates for the poll were “locker room eavesdropping,” “Deflategate,” “Spygate,” and “Malcolm Butler benching?”

I have a lot in common with many people who chose to participate in this survey. At the time of this article’s publication, Super Bowl Bench Butler was winning the poll by a landslide. This is also what I chose.

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