Pasadena ISD Hosts August 27 Career Fair to Fill Police Department Positions

The Pasadena Police Department ISD will host a job fair on Saturday, August 27 to fill officer, dispatcher, and school crossing guard vacancies.

The event will take place from 9 a.m. to noon at Dr. Kirk Lewis Career & Technical High School, 1348 Genoa Red Bluff Road, Houston. For more information, contact Constable Amber Murphy at [email protected]

The requirements to be an officer candidate, with a starting salary of $53,181, are that you must be at least 21 years old and have a high school diploma and a valid license from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement . District vacancies are listed here and applications can be filled out here.

Demand for law enforcement officers is now high as school districts tighten security and the Pasadena ISD Police Department recently lost some staff.

“We currently have 13 vacancies,” Pasadena ISD Detective Manrique Portillo said, noting recent hiring surges by districts such as Galena Park ISD. “We recently lost about five agents to neighboring agencies.”

Pasadena ISD assigns an officer to each high school campus, coupled with a second level of security.

“We have people on patrol who are responsible for going to (middle schools), middle schools and elementary schools,” Portillo said. “They also take care of any other extra calls they may have throughout the district. If there is a neighboring agency that needs help, we provide help.

With dozens of campuses in the district, the need for peace officers to do jobs big and small is critical, Portillo said.

“We make sure the doors are closed and all exterior doors are locked as they are supposed to be,” he said. “Campus security is what we are focused on right now.”

Officers also visit school hallways to show a security presence.

“Many of our graduates are former PISD students,” Portillo said. “For example, our chef (Stewart D. Russell) graduated from South Houston High School. Our captain is a graduate of Pasadena High School,” Portillo said.

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