Osun Coven summons DisCo over power failure in Osun community

The Osun State House of Assembly passed a motion to convene the Managing Director of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC), the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and the Federal Commission for Competition and Consumer Protection (FCCPC) regarding the power failure in Ife Local Government Council North of Osun State.

The motion was introduced by Tunde Lekan Olatunji, the lawmaker representing the North Ife state constituency in the House of Assembly.

He revealed that six large communities in the council have suffered a power outage for four months due to a faulty transformer.

Moving the motion to plenary, Assembly Chief Whip Olatunji said there was a need to find a lasting solution to the total collapse of the 7.5 MVA electrical substation system in his constituency.

According to the lawmaker, “I tabled a motion on the power failure in the constituency of Ife Nord State and the weak responsiveness of the electricity service provider as an urgent matter of public importance during the plenary today.

“I reiterated the untold hardship that the power failure has caused our people and the poor and unacceptable responsiveness of the distribution company to our plight despite several efforts and commitments with the company on how to fix faulty equipment and to restore the light. “

While stressing the importance of electricity as an essential public service that every citizen deserves to benefit from, he accused the distribution company IBEDC of poor service delivery which frustrated several local government communities and resorted to l ‘self-help.

He added that despite the resumption of electricity distribution by private companies, they were only interested in the invoicing and collection of tariffs and not in the supply or repair of the equipment they had. need to generate the tariff.

“This is indeed a major step towards the restoration of electricity in the district of the State of Ife Nord and the resolution of the unsatisfactory attitude of the electricity distribution company towards the citizens of our state, ”he said.

Osun communities lament months of darkness and call for government and IBEDC intervention

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