New government, new opportunities for climate action

The recent elections demonstrated that climate action has finally become a defining policy. Here’s a look at what we can expect from Labor politicians based on their election promises.

Australia’s diet plan

Australia’s push to net zero is Labour’s Powering Australia plan:

  • Committing $20 billion to the Rewiring the Nation plan, aimed at modernizing our electrical grid;
  • Invest up to $3 billion in renewable manufacturing, renewable metals and renewable hydrogen electrolysers;
  • Invest $200 million in 400 community batteries; and
  • $100 million co-investment in 85 community solar banks nationwide.

New Energy Apprentices and New Energy Skills Program

Labor has pledged to invest $100m to support 10,000 new energy apprenticeships in areas including solar installation and maintenance, home and business energy efficiency improvements, green hydrogen , renewable energy manufacturing and agricultural activities.

Electric vehicles (EV)

Electric vehicles are expected to be cheaper with a commitment to exempt electric vehicles below the Luxury Car Tax price threshold ($84,916) from the 5% import tariff (saving you up to to $4,245) and a 47% fringe benefits tax exemption. There will also be a doubling of investment to $500 million in the Driving the Nation fund, including the provision of chargers at 150km intervals on major roads.

Unfortunately, Labor has withdrawn its proposal to introduce energy efficiency standards in Australia, which many see as a cheap, easy and effective reform to reduce emissions and make electric vehicles more accessible. If you want to learn more about this issue, check out our previous update here.

Creation of a National Environmental Protection Agency

The Labor Party has pledged to create a national environmental protection agency. The agency will be responsible for ensuring compliance and enforcement, as well as compiling environmental data, information and analysis. We know there is ongoing destruction of the Great Barrier Reef and native species habitats, but eventually we will have the data and enforcement capabilities to prevent it.

As both major parties lose seats to the Greens and climate-motivated independents, the election has demonstrated that there is a clear national mandate for decisive climate action. Labor Party policies suggest that we have finally reached the starting line in the race to net zero, now is the time to sprint.

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