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The 2021 Giants might have broken that format.

Every year I write about the most optimistic, worst-case and most likely scenarios for the Giants. And each year, the storylines go something like, “Everybody’s fine, or everybody’s hurt, or there’s a combination of the two,” but with team-specific details and quips. It’s one of my favorite pieces to write because I can be a tourist in different fantasy lands without committing to a specific prediction.

Last year’s Best Storyline was absurd enough to have people yelling at me in the comments, but it didn’t even come close to being absurd enough. I tried my best to get wacky, and the Giants missed out on wacky. That means the best-case scenario this year is 108 wins. No, 118. Or maybe that’s exactly what they did last year, but with LaMonte Wade Jr. keeping his ball fair against Max Scherzer. It might be as simple as winning 10 fewer games in the regular season, but winning 10 more games in the playoffs. That’s maybe 120 wins and an undefeated postseason.

The best-case scenario for the 2022 Giants can be as absurd as you want it to be, and no one can complain because the 2021 Giants have had one of the most absurd seasons in franchise history – if not the franchise. baseball history – when no one expected it. Anything is possible, apparently. If another division title isn’t enough, add a note on how they indirectly led President Kapler to improve the lives of millions of lunar settlers in 2058.

I mean, if the 2021 Giants could turn the Dodgers’ 106 wins into a second-place team…

But we’ll do our best to have fun anyway. We’ll start with the absolutely no fun section and work our way up. Here are the best-case scenarios, worst-case scenarios and mid-case scenarios for the Giants of 2022.

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