Mayor – News – June 2021 – City of New Orleans continues to monitor potential for Tropical Cyclone Three and braces for rain

NEW ORLEANS – The city of New Orleans continues to monitor potential Tropical Cyclone Three, a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico that is likely to bring heavy rains and flooding to New Orleans as early as tomorrow. A tropical storm warning and flash flood watch were issued from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning.

Monitoring of low pressure disturbances

A large area of ​​low pressure over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico produces widespread but disorganized cloudiness, showers and thunderstorms. The National Hurricane Center expects the system to move north toward Louisiana, likely forming a tropical depression over the west-central Gulf of Mexico overnight or early Friday morning. Regardless of the development, heavy rains could start to affect parts of the northern Gulf coast on Friday, continuing through the weekend. According to the National Weather Service, 6 to 10 inches of rain will be likely, with pockets of 10 inches of rain possible in some areas. Isolated tornadoes will be possible Friday and Saturday. Coastal flooding of 1 to 3 feet can be expected along the open coast and 1 to 2 feet of flooding in tidal lakes. Winds of up to 35-45 mph are possible Friday and throughout the weekend. These estimates are preliminary and could vary upwards or downwards depending on the evolution of the system.

The city is preparing for the rain

The New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness has activated the Emergency Operations Center to monitor and prepare for the potential impacts of this system.

City agencies and their partners are also taking steps to prepare for the impacts of the tropical climate this weekend:

Public works

  • Shifts are working extended hours today (6/17) and tomorrow (6/18). Five vac trucks are operational.
    • Emphasis is placed on removing leaves and debris in front of catch basins on major roads known for their heavy leaf accumulation.
  • Asphalt crews moved this week from asphalt-related work to cleaning up debris in front of sumps. Four dump trucks are operational.
  • Inspectors and construction managers monitor road construction sites for potential hazards.
    • Starting today (6/17), contractors will be working on Friday. No work on Saturdays will be allowed.
  • The Public Works Department will suspend parking restrictions on neutral lots from Friday noon until further notice to allow residents of flood-prone areas to move vehicles to higher lots. Please do not block intersections, streetcar tracks, sidewalks, or cycle paths, and use extra care when driving on and off neutral terrain to protect the city canopy and boardwalks.

Administration of capital projects

The CPA advised all contractors to apply protocols in the event of inclement weather (cleaning sites, securing all equipment and structures likely to be affected by strong winds and flooding, etc.) on all construction sites. construction.


  • Before heavy rains occur, residents should remove all carts / bins from the curb and secure them to their private property to prevent loss of containers during street flooding and debris clogging storm sewers.
  • Residents are reminded that carts / bins must always be removed from public rights-of-way after each collection.

Parks and walks

  • Parks and Parkways closely monitors tropical climate potential; the teams are ready to intervene in the event of downed trees and branches.
  • If you have cut down trees or large branches, call 311 and always watch out for vegetation involving power lines.
  • Call Entergy for fallen power lines involving trees.

Property management

  • Property management is preparing City-owned buildings that are prone to flooding, as well as securing waste and cleaning drains near City property.
  • Property management staff are on standby for any weather related repairs that are required.

Residents are encouraged to prepare for rain and review their hurricane plans

The city of New Orleans encourages residents to prepare for heavy rainfall and potential flooding. Secure garbage cans and recycling bins so they don’t tip over or spill trash on the street. Clear debris and leaves from gutters, downspouts and in front of sumps so that rain can reach the drain. Call 311 to report blocked sumps.

This is a reminder that we are at the start of hurricane season and now is the time to review contingency plans, gather emergency supplies and stay informed. For emergency information, visit To receive emergency alerts by text, email, or phone call, text NOLAREADY to 77295 or go to

Residents who may need additional help during an emergency due to medical or mobility needs should register with the city’s special needs registry. To register, call 3-1-1 or go to

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