Loan Program to Help Lexington Small Businesses During the Pandemic

Businesses will be able to request up to $ 20,000. The loan will also be for a four-year term with an interest rate of 2%.

LEXINGTON, SC – The city of Lexington has announced a loan program to help the city’s small businesses weather the coronavirus pandemic.

Shops and restaurants in the Midlands, state and country have been forced to close due to COVID-19.

Other restaurants and stores have found a way to make ends meet as the pandemic continues.

Matt Rodgers is the co-founder of Hazelwood Brewing Company in Lexington near Main Street. They opened in October 2019.

“We started out for the winter just by selling taprooms and giving out a little level, but we’re just a neighborhood community brewery,” Rodgers said.

Since the start of the pandemic, the brewery has had to change the way it serves its customers. They sell beer to go and have an outdoor space where people can practice social distancing. Staff also wear masks.

Frozen drinks are available at Hazelwood Beer Garden. Our way of keeping you cool this summer in South Carolina. The flavor of the day is Dragonfruit Froze. 11.5% approx.

Posted by Hazelwood Brewing on Wednesday June 24, 2020

He says the support of the community has helped him and his employees through this difficult time.

“It’s a lifeline. Some people barely hold on,” Rodgers explained. “They need all the help they can get and it is really vital for us as a community to support our local small businesses because it is the lifeblood of any small community.”

Rodgers says it’s not the first time the community has supported local businesses in dire straits. Many people came together to help stores and restaurants rebuild after the 2015 floods.

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One of the things that helped small businesses during this time was getting loans.

Laurin Barnes of the City of Lexington says the council came up with an idea to help struggling businesses.

“City council passed an emergency ordinance to provide a million dollar small business loan program for businesses in the city,” Barnes said.

The City of Lexington worked with First Reliance Bank. Businesses will be able to request up to $ 20,000. The loan will also be for a four-year term with an interest rate of 2%.

“Those interested can fill in their details on the city’s website, then the city will contact them to let them know if they meet these pre-qualifications, and then we’ll put them in touch with someone from First Reliance Bank,” Barnes explained.

Barnes says it was important for the city of Lexington to do something to help small businesses during the pandemic.

“City Council has worked hard to take the strain off residents and businesses and Lexington is just a thriving place. We didn’t want this to end somehow because of the virus,” Barnes said. “We just thought it would be important to help our businesses that are here and are affected.”

Rodgers believes that the city’s lending will be good for businesses that really need them to get through this time.

“These are tough times and no one wants to have to borrow money, but unfortunately sometimes it’s something you have to do to survive,” Rodgers said. “If it weren’t for such things, a lot of these businesses would disappear.”

Rodgers added: “We don’t know if we’re going to take the loan, but it’s a good option and I know there are a lot of people here who really, really need it.”

Rodgers says Hazelwood Brewing Company would love to see people pass by. They encourage people to wear face masks and follow protocols given by health officials to have a safe environment for clients and staff.

To apply for the loan, click here.

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