Lake City Council Members Head in New Direction to Open City Manager Job

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LAKE CITY, Fla. (WCJB) – “It’s gotten very daunting,” is the feeling of residents and city council members as the search for a city manager enters its tenth month.

“I feel discouraged because we don’t yet have a viable candidate for this position. This leaves our city in a precarious position,” said Lake City resident Jacqueline Dupree.

The city council members’ goal is to get the city out of that position as they heard an update from headhunter Renee Narloch on the search process.

“We’re making additional contacts with candidates and CVs are coming in regularly, I would say,” Narloch said.

Narloch said she now has six candidates for city council members to review their resumes.

She personally recommended two, one being the current City Manager of Surfside.

The other is the CEO of a utility authority.

“Let us see everything you have because we might see something you don’t. So that gives me some hope, but since this process has been going on for so long, I always wonder oh my God, can we get there yet,” Dupree said.

The board will now set up interviews with their finalists.

“I just want someone with as much experience as possible. It doesn’t have to be municipal management experience, it can be management experience only,” Mayor Stephen Witt said.

The search for another position will begin shortly, after City Attorney Fred Koberlein submitted his resignation letter last week.

“I would like someone local because we have a lot of cases for a small community, so there are good qualified lawyers in that area, so I think we will have a good candidate.

Koberlein will leave the post in November and Mayor Witt hopes to have him filled by then.

Until then, the open city manager position remains the top priority.

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