Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen ignore each other at NBA 75th anniversary team ceremony

It was a memorable night for the NBA at the 2022 All-Star Game in Cleveland as LeBron James capped off an entertaining game with a game-winning sweater in front of hometown fans and many NBA legends in the building for the 75th anniversary of the NBA. team, including Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

The league honored the league’s top 75 players in its history at a halftime ceremony at the contest, which began with a speech by director Spike Lee. After that, a host of celebrities, including Tiffany Haddish and Usher, unveiled the position group selections in a touching halftime ceremony.

A number of former Celtics made the cut for the top 75, including Paul Pierce, Garnett and Allen. Pierce and Garnett stood next to each other after being introduced, but it looks like there’s no love lost between Garnett and Allen yet based on how the ceremony went. The sniper guard was featured later in the halftime festivities and was congratulated by former Heat teammate LeBron James. However, video footage shows there was no acknowledgment between Garnett and Allen, even though Garnett was next to James.

Garnett has been very open in the past about his frosty relationship with Allen since leaving Boston to sign with rival Heat in the summer of 2012.

“I made my disgust for what Ray did very clear, it was real to everyone involved,” Garnett told the Boston Globe in April 2020. “This is real life. We were in a real beef with Miami at the time and very similar to if someone were to move from the Lakers to the Celtics and vice versa. No one will talk about the underlyings, but it was a real thing. Miami and Boston. It was a real thing.

“Ray made a decision; I wouldn’t expect Ray to be anything from me. And vice versa. If I see him, I will speak. I will say hello to his family as always. He knows that decision changed and made us all feel different.

Garnett congratulated Allen publicly on Instagram last year after being selected to the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team, so there had recently been hope that the two parties were on better terms. Both Doc Rivers and Pierce have spoken of their hopes of seeing both players mend fences ahead of Garnett’s retirement ceremony in Boston next month.

“KG pulls his shirt off, and I hope everyone’s there,” Rivers told reporters in 2020. “I’ll make the right calls – that doesn’t mean the right things will happen.”

The duo’s lack of interaction on Sunday night indicates that both sides may not have mended the fences yet.

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