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Chicago-based startup HAAS Alert, a company that developed the cellular vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) alert system for emergency vehicles called “Safety Cloud,” closed this week with new capital from $ 5 million investment.

Funding was led by R2 and Blu Ventures with participation from TechNexus, Stacked Capital, UrbanUs, Techstars, Ride Ventures and Gramercy Fund.

The funding will support the expansion of the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud alert system across the country.

The HAAS Alert Security Cloud uses cellular communication to send alerts to nearby vehicles whenever emergency vehicles, such as police or fire trucks, are present and responding to a scene. The company’s mission is to eliminate preventable road collisions involving emergency vehicles when running to respond to an incident.

In 2018, HAAS Alert deployed the world’s first city-wide digital alerting system in partnership with Grand Rapids, Michigan Police Department, Fire Department, and EMS.

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HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud sends messages to nearby vehicles when emergency vehicles approach or are nearby.

Use a cellular network, HAAS Alert Safety Cloud warnings are sent directly to vehicles via the infotainment system whenever emergency vehicles are nearby and actively responding. It can also send alerts to a nearby smartphone warning pedestrians and cyclists of approaching emergency vehicles.

Safety Cloud communications technology alerts work on all vehicles the system is installed on, including tow trucks, construction vehicles, recycling trucks, and school buses.

Alerts are automatically broadcast to nearby vehicles or smartphones in a specific geo-fenced area whenever lights or sirens are activated on a fire engine, police car, or other equipped emergency or service vehicle. Safety Cloud hardware.

Alerts are designed to notify drivers in advance of emergency vehicles intervening on a scene. Instead of just hearing a siren in the distance, they will have time to stop or reorient themselves.

“We are celebrating the start of an exciting new chapter at HAAS Alert, with the goal of connecting vehicles everywhere for road safety,” said Cory Hohs, founder and CEO of the company. “We will continue to measure our success the same way we always have: by the trust of our customers and the value of the security services we can offer. “

Alerts also work if an emergency vehicle is stopped at the scene, so drivers can be notified of their location as well as the location of the incident they are responding to, so drivers can stay clear. of the area.

In addition to warning drivers that an emergency vehicle is approaching, alerts use GPS to determine the direction in which the emergency vehicle is moving, so drivers know that a fire truck is approaching from behind, or if an emergency vehicle is approaching an upcoming intersection from the left.

To date, HAAS said more than 750 public agencies and private organizations have sent more than a billion alerts to drivers through its Safety Cloud network.

“HAAS Alert is a rare type of business, building some truly innovative and disruptive technologies that are all about making the world a safer place. We are proud to invest in a company so dedicated to protecting public safety professionals and their communities, ”said Jeff Eggers, CEO of R2.


In 2018, HAAS Alert deployed the citywide digital alerting system in the United States in partnership with Grand Rapids, Michigan Police, Fire and EMS Departments.

In 2018, HAAS Alert was one of three innovative mobility startups that received a $ 224,000 grant from PlanetM of Michigan to launch pilots in the state. PlanetM is the mobility arm of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and is dedicated to the evolution of advanced mobility in the state.

The Safety Cloud is now standard in vehicles produced by emergency vehicle and road vehicle fleet manufacturers.

Its minimal hardware requirements make Safety Cloud an affordable solution for agencies, regardless of their size or location. The technology can benefit rural volunteer fire departments, family towing companies, municipal agencies, state DOTs, as well as federal fleets.

HAAS Alert actively installs its hardware on fire, police and other vehicles across the United States.


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