Ghanaian official hails China-built road project to boost travel mobility


A senior Ghanaian official has hailed a Chinese-built road project in Cape Coast, the capital of the central region, for its pivotal role in boosting citizen mobility, China’s Sinohydro Corporation Limited told Xinhua on Tuesday.

In a certificate of appreciation, Justina Marigold Assan, Central Regional Minister of Ghana, expressed her gratitude towards the efforts of the Chinese company in the construction of the Cape Coast city center road project, saying that it was acts of timely completion with excellent quality of workmanship and materials.

“You are an exemplary organization that has contributed immensely to reducing drudgery and mobility challenges in the multiple communities where you have worked,” she said.

“The administration and people of Cape Coast and Central Region wish you success and recommend you for future similar endeavours,” the Minister added.
According to Li Yunli, the Chinese project manager, his team of Chinese and Ghanaian workers overcame multiple challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure timely completion.

“Before, the local residents had major travel problems due to poor traffic conditions, whereas now the situation has completely changed as the project has come to an end. We have made our best efforts,” Li said.

The road project with a length of about 22 km started construction in 2019 and announced its completion at the end of September this year. Final article

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