FundHER World Capital Announces 2 Recipients of 1% Share in Company

Rose Vitale, DRA Family Office executive, announced the first two recipients of FundHER Global Capital Units, Rachelle Fender and Cherilyn Murer, JD.

All of the people I choose have a specific trait that will be key to moving our business forward and putting more money in the hands of women business owners. »

— Rose Vitale

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 26, 2022 / — Rose Vitale, groundbreaking fundraiser and sole shareholder of DRA Family Office, has just announced the first two recipients of FundHER World Capital Units: Rachelle Fender and Cherilyn Murer, JD.

Vitale is offering 10% of its shares in FundHER World Capital to select partners who have demonstrated personal integrity and a commitment to revolutionizing the way women business owners obtain funding.

“Each recipient of a 1% share in my business was hand-selected through a rigorous years-long vetting process,” says Vitale.

“Everyone I choose has a specific trait that will be integral to moving our business forward and getting more money into the hands of female business owners.”

Rachelle Fender is a humanitarian who has spent the past decade empowering women in rural Kenya. Her work has provided access to vital services, health care, income training and micro-credit to support women’s self-sufficiency in the region.

Fender says, “I have witnessed communities uplifted through women’s economic empowerment in a developing country. I believe that the same upward mobility can also occur in developed countries.

In partnership with DRA Family Office, Fender is focused on revolutionizing access to capital for women-founded businesses in the United States. It is inspired by the shared vision to accelerate business innovation and growth in the United States by funding female founders who have created innovative products or services that address unmet needs.

According to Fender, “Giving women access to more funding opportunities in the United States will inevitably help and uplift women everywhere.”

Cherilyn Murer is an entrepreneur, educator and author with extensive legal and business expertise. She has spent her career helping women, seeing it as her responsibility to help others succeed.

“The more successful you are, the more responsibility you have to help others,” says Murer. “In particular, it is important to help other women grow and be confident in order to thrive in business, industry, education, the arts and entrepreneurship.”

DRA Family Office is committed to disrupting funding for women-owned and -led businesses and seeks investors who are passionate about helping women.

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