FTE Summit kicks off the decade of Mykonos

ZURICH and Athens, Greece, September 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – VIVA Investment Partners AG Announces its 12e Annual Follow The Entrepreneur (FTE) Investor Summit – FTE Mykonos 2021 – at the Royal Myconian Hotel which will start on 1st from October to 5e October – https://globalftenetwork.com

VIP thinks Greece will become one of the most important investment opportunities over the next decade. The risk and uncertainty previously associated with the Greek market is disappearing, and VIP sees a future in Greece and Mykonos where institutional capital will pursue emerging investment opportunities. Greece Positioning as one of the most ecologically gifted and beautiful places to live will also help position the country as a net beneficiary of the post-COVID world.

Due to the Mitsotakis government’s continued focus on growth and innovation and the identification of digital ownership, an unprecedented increase in foreign direct investment into the country from institutional sources is already starting to occur. Less than two weeks ago, the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis set new growth targets for the Greek economy with a focus on youth and the climate. This program was put in place against the backdrop of a Greek economy which is now expected to grow by 5.9% in 2021, up from 3.6% previously forecast. A wide range of measures will see the introduction of a digital card giving access to services for young Greeks, in addition to specific revisions to income and consumption tax across the economy.

We share Greece ambition. From our perspective, tech disruptors continue to grow, bringing Ecosystem Economics® to industries, what we mean by a clear economy and new common sense. New beneficial business models are emerging in industries that embody a shared economy for all parts of the ecosystem – consumers, platform providers and legacy industry players.

The FTE Mykonos 2021 will showcase the contributions of industries as diverse as electric vehicles, sustainable mobility, home technology, digital assets and values, and venture capital. In the same way that VIP identifies opportunities in technology and venture capital, we spot them today in a variety of markets. There is a multiplier effect for our investors by collaborating across technology, venture capital and real estate.

Thematically, VIP’s medium-term investment strategy will be highlighted in Mykonos with a focus on six key ecosystems, which we each see emerging and evolving into mature investment sectors. These will be represented by key participants from each ecosystem at FTE Mykonos 2021:

  • The electric vehicle / sustainable mobility ecosystem
    Kevin loman, QI Power
    Rob gorby, DRIVE software solutions
    Richard parris, SABIEN Technologies, Green technologies
    Grant rod, Proton energy
  • Real Estate / Home Technology
    – Miltos Kambourides / Dolphin Capital Partners
    Christos Vlachos, a leading architect in nature-related architecture
    Ellie Perlman – a real estate investor who owns multi-family properties across the United States
    Antoine Codling – Twindig – Fractional ownership
  • Digital assets and digital securities
    Bill Barhydt / ABRA
    Tal Elyachiv / VC SPICES
    Christian schmitz/ RICEX
  • Personal digital security
    Adam roosevelt – Expert in national security and military intelligence

Supporting these innovative entrepreneurs are the new investment models that are emerging to support and nurture them. The FTE Mykonos 2021 will host presentations and opinions from a range of investors who have made it possible.

  • And Ventures – leader in the reinvention of venture capital with their Studio concept
  • Agada Nameri / Sarasin Safra in Israel – private banks focused on supporting entrepreneurs
  • Tim shields – how to build a tech company today compared to how to build one 20 years ago
  • Dermot Hill – Stakeholderz, a network of leading angel investors in the UK

For 12 years we have been organizing the FTE Summit in places across Europe, bringing together 200 investors and entrepreneurs every year. Our delegates represent a diverse group of 30 nationalities, with a strong representation (40%) of women. A third of the delegates are accompanied by their partners. Our audience’s average net worth is £ 25million and a significant proportion travel privately to the summit venue.

Commenting on 12e FTE Annual Summit, Julie Meyer MBE, CEO of VIP, said:

“Society works best when it is organized around the entrepreneur. Every year we present the best on stage at FTE. This year we are starting our Mykonos Decade.

Notes for Editors

VIVA Investment Partners is an investment company based in Zollikon, Switzerland, led by Dr Julie meyer, MBE. VIP manages 4 venture capital funds and invests its own capital in technological disruptors.

VIP’s unique approach to supporting entrepreneurs and investors stems from its investment strategy: Ecosystem Economics®. VIP is able to identify beneficial new business models in which all ecosystem players – consumers, platform providers, and industry legacy businesses – can thrive. VIP can help start-ups accelerate their growth trajectory to achieve maximum valuation at exit. Likewise, for investors, VIP helps reduce the risks of the investment management process; it offers the VIP Multi-Manager investment platform, providing advisory services to venture capital funds.

VIP was founded by leading PE and tech entrepreneurs including John porter (Tesco, Verifone, AML Analytics, Copperfield), Richard parris (SABIEN Technologies), Michel moszynski (Advertising in London), and Julie meyer (First Tuesday, Ariane capital, Entrepreneur Country). From this provenance we see this opportunity, and for these reasons we are hosting our FTE Investor Summit in Mykonos this year and for the decade to come.

SOURCE VIVA Investment Partners SA

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