Friedman: Bruins looking for someone ‘newer’ and ‘fresher’ for head coaching job

Fans often joke that the NHL has about 32 head coaches and when one is fired, they just move on to a new team.

See guys like Peter DeBoer (rotating at Dallas) and John Tortorella (adding a name to his Metropolitan Division checklist at Philadelphia) as illustrations of this point.

The NHL isn’t exactly known as an open, “let’s try a new guy” league, I guess that’s the point here.

When the Bruins fired Bruce Cassidy, many fans assumed it would be one of those retread coaches (Barry Trotz was a common name) who would take the reins.

However, it looks like they might be willing to skip the guys with decades of NHL head coaching experience on their resumes and seek something different.

Speaking on his 32 Thoughts podcast yesterday, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman had this to say about the Bruins’ coaching search:

“I think in Boston it’s going to be someone a little cooler [than DeBoer]. It’s gonna be Montgomery, or it’s gonna be Leach, or it’s gonna be Quinn… I heard Vellucci’s name in there… Spencer Carbery.

There are, of course, two things to note here:

  1. Quinn is a recycled coach, but perhaps not as “a grizzled veteran NHL coach” as DeBoer, Tortorella or Barry Trotz. I’m not entirely sure if that means it’s called “fresh”, but…yeah.
  2. Friedman is casting a pretty wide net here, naming a whole bunch of guys at once. To be fair, he didn’t say these guys were finalists, just considered people, but that’s a lot of darts thrown on the board.

He also went on to mention that the Bruins may have tried to talk to Carbery just before he was hired by Toronto last summer – given the timing, you’d assume it was for an assistant role or in the AHL, not for the Bruce Cassidy concert. .

Other names mentioned by Friedman include former Bruins coach Marc Savard and Providence College Nate Leaman, who he says was about to be hired as Providence Bruins coach a few years ago.

Of Savard, Friedman said:

“Your friend Marc Savard too… I wonder about that. It’s a good name. It’s what they think…it really is.

It’s the season of rumors and innuendo, so take it all with a few grains of salt.

If nothing else, it would be music to most fans’ ears to hear that the Bruins are looking for a different voice, rather than bringing in a guy who crashed and burned a few other NHL franchises. .

(I still think it will end up being Leach, but I don’t know.)

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