FG gives 300 farmers pasture seeds in FCT

As part of the activities to mark the declaration of National Pasture Day in the FCT, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development donated 25 kg bags of pasture seed to 300 farmers in the FCT.

It’s even as he declared June 28, an annual national pasture planting day.

Seed handling for farmers at Paiko Kore, Gwagwalada Area Council in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) during the flag raising of the National Pasture Planting Program of the Federal Government, the Minister of Agriculture, the Dr Muhammad Mahmood Abubakar, said he is encouraging private and public sector investment in commercial pasture production.

He said the program was one of the ongoing efforts to promote intentional rangeland development in Nigeria.

According to him, “I approved the proposal that this launch day, June 28, become an annual national pasture planting day. I am happy that this launch ceremony is taking place at a time when Nigeria is once again focusing on the livestock sector, especially on pasture development, as it plays an important role in providing an economic source of food. for ruminants and improves productivity for food and human security.

Abubakar, it should be noted that over 95 percent of Nigeria’s ruminant production is primarily managed under the traditional pastoral system characteristic of the extensive system where naturally cultivated pastures are the main source of nutrition for the animals. “Therefore, herders and herders rely on mobility in search of food, water and friendly grazing areas,” he said.

“Thus, the production system limits both production and productivity per animal primarily due to the lack of year-round availability of feed and water resources, which hampers the ability of pastoralists to settle in a given place and to be produced.

“The result of this continuous movement in search of pasture has interfered with the animals’ ability to reach their optimum productivity and has constantly compromised our national capacity for self-sufficiency in livestock products and our needs for animal protein, in particular our national goal of 1.6 billion liters of milk per year. It has eluded our national peacebuilding efforts because of ongoing conflicts between pastoralists and farmers along their travel routes. also adversely affected the improved livelihoods of pastoral families in particular and neighboring farmers.”

Speaking further, the Minister said, “Our current FAO ranking is 15th in the world for cattle, 5th for sheep and 3rd for goats, and 17th for camel farming. The extensive continuous production system is not a viable option because the area of ​​land for grazing and the availability of feed are severely limiting factors in the high livestock production areas of Nigeria. It is therefore very necessary and a priority for all industry players to focus on meeting the huge demand for pasture. This will provide an excellent opportunity to unlock the potential of the livestock industry and the development of its rich value chains.

The event included pasture seed distribution and ceremonial pasture seed planting.

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