Advanced Welding School Secures $ 25 Million In Incentive Tuition Funding Capital To Expand Revenue Sharing Agreement Program

NEW YORK, May 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Advanced Welding School (AWS) today announced the close of $ 25 million in Growth Funding to stimulate the expansion of their revenue sharing agreement program. the Louisianaa student-based company trains students from diverse backgrounds to become world-class welding professionals in one of the main welding markets in the USA. AWS plans to expand access to its elite program through the use of revenue sharing agreements. These incentive-based funding products demonstrate Advanced Welding School’s dedication to outstanding academic achievement.

To fuel its revenue sharing agreement offering, AWS has made the switch from Meratas to Leif, the tuition funding management platform. Leif works with leading education service providers who deliver exceptional results and create upward professional mobility for students in a variety of fields. Leif’s outcome-aligned tuition funding solutions help education providers maximize their program’s growth and potential for impact by removing barriers to entry.

Richard hope, Founder and CEO of Advanced Welding School, commented: “Incentive Funding embodies our mission to transform students from all walks of life into dynamic and highly skilled welders. We decided to switch to Leif as they are the only program manager to serve comprehensive market, allowing us to secure captive and scalable ISA funding, while providing the best academic and student experience. Leif’s expertise has made structuring, launching and funding our ISA program a seamless experience for AWS and our students. We are delighted to finally bring this product to our students. ”

“Leif is committed to partnering with the best educational service providers in a diverse set of in-demand job readiness verticals to maximize their impact by leveraging results-driven tuition funding.” in all its forms ”, remarked Jeffrey Groeber, Founder and CEO of Leif. “Advanced Welding School shares this vision and has a long track record of delivering truly impressive results for students. For this reason, we were thrilled with the opportunity to partner with AWS and improve access to vocational training. and skilled trades. “

About Advanced Welding School:
Advanced welding school was founded in 2017 by Richard hope, a professional welder with over 40 years of experience in the field. After teaching welding in a Louisiana community college, he realized the need to improve the current welding education system. AWS was born to create a more comprehensive and efficient program, allowing students to obtain certification and enter the workforce immediately after completing their training. Advanced Welding School is constantly striving to provide anyone who wants to change their life through welding training with an opportunity to do so.

About Leif:
Leif is a technology company dedicated to improving access to quality and affordable education. The company has developed an end-to-end platform that enables the design, creation and management of revenue sharing agreement program programs. As the infrastructure layer that powers the incentive-driven tuition funding ecosystem, Leif partners with schools to provide students with a form of results-driven education funding.


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