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[1.6.4] Quest for the treasure (Security craft req)

2.47K Views3 Comments

a fun map with a lot of unexpected moments

[1.7.9] The Dark Ages [Medieval Adventure]

2.66K Views1 Comments

Travel back in time to the Fantasy Medieval era!

[1.7.9] Cards Against Minecraft

2.85K Views0 Comments

Cards Against Minecraft is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Minecraft is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends

[1.7.9] Methamphetamine Town V.1 – Breaking Bad Special

3.60K Views1 Comments

Howdy, this is a town I made which is mostly inspired from Breaking Bad TV show. I spent much time building it so I hope you’ll all like it… Features in description…

[1.7.9] Parkour Map V.2

7.79K Views16 Comments

A unique style parkour map. DON’T FALL!

[1.7.9] Steve’s Resort Island (contest)

3.56K Views1 Comments

This is my lovely Resort Island. Howdy, It’s Bobgil here. My awesome island has many attractions in it. It’s featuring: In Description!

[1.7.9] Li’l Planet

1.35K Views0 Comments

This map is the first map made by my new Minecraft company, Play Like a Child. All of our members are kids that like to make <a href="<a href="http://minecrafti

[1.6.4] Wecoarts Mod

1.88K Views3 Comments

Hello. First, all information about items/recipes/downloads here: Second, here is a quick overview about the mod:

[1.7.5] Xtreme map

1.63K Views1 Comments

challenges map

[1.7.5] Moblympics

1.94K Views3 Comments

Race your zombie through the giant stadium!

[1.6.4] Cruise Ship

6.20K Views5 Comments

A huge Cruise ship that is over 300 blocks long!

[1.7.2] ParkOre

1.59K Views0 Comments

This map contains 4 of the greatest parkour challenges you will ever face. It even has Command Blocks!!!

[1.7.2] The Survival Island

6.17K Views0 Comments

This is my first Survival Island map, I am planning to do a series on it, hopefully once per month! I'll also have holiday-themed TSI Maps!

[1.7.2] World of roller coasters

3.47K Views1 Comments

A very cool map with more than roller coasters!

[1.7.2] The Lost Sun Part 1

1.12K Views0 Comments

The Lost Sun is an adventure/puzzle/parkour map. It has a great/imaginative story line, the story will slowly progress as you play. It also has many mob fights involed

[1.7.2] Rush Remake

6.56K Views0 Comments

A Reamke of the Famous Map Rush.

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