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[1.6.2] the starz

2.62K Views6 Comments

get the textpack and have fun

[1.6.2] HoverCraft

2.00K Views0 Comments

A floating island pvp map, where you must capture points to advance. To use the in-game reset feature you must have 13w37a or higher.

[1.6.2] My name is James.

1.77K Views4 Comments

My name is James. I don't know where i am or why. It just happens to me sometimes. I know something is wrong. Maybe i just travel again. in my dreams.

[1.6.2] Stargate: Adventure

2.18K Views1 Comments

You find yourself traversing the event horizon of the Stargate - an ancient transportation device left on Earth by a long gone race. Who are you and what did yu come here for?..

[1.6.2] Minecraft Hotel

1.12K Views0 Comments


[1.6.2] StrongholdCrusader

2.15K Views3 Comments


[1.7.2] The Safari [African Adventure]

3.79K Views3 Comments

Finally, vacation time. What better spot to spend it at then Lybia, a beautiful African world. The highlight of this vacation is going to be when you take your safari. brochures never lie about qualit

[1.7.2] Rush Remake

6.14K Views0 Comments

A Reamke of the Famous Map Rush.

[1.7.2] The Lost Sun Part 1

1.03K Views0 Comments

The Lost Sun is an adventure/puzzle/parkour map. It has a great/imaginative story line, the story will slowly progress as you play. It also has many mob fights involed

[1.7.2] World of roller coasters

3.31K Views1 Comments

A very cool map with more than roller coasters!

[1.7.2] The Survival Island

5.87K Views0 Comments

This is my first Survival Island map, I am planning to do a series on it, hopefully once per month! I'll also have holiday-themed TSI Maps!

[1.7.2] ParkOre

1.40K Views0 Comments

This map contains 4 of the greatest parkour challenges you will ever face. It even has Command Blocks!!!

[1.6.4] Cruise Ship

5.68K Views5 Comments

A huge Cruise ship that is over 300 blocks long!

[1.7.5] Moblympics

1.75K Views3 Comments

Race your zombie through the giant stadium!

[1.7.5] Xtreme map

1.50K Views1 Comments

challenges map

[1.6.4] Wecoarts Mod

1.69K Views3 Comments

Hello. First, all information about items/recipes/downloads here: Second, here is a quick overview about the mod:

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