Credit through Facebook – it’s already possible!

Whether you want to go on holiday during your paid annual leave or need quick credit for another reason, this can already be done through Facebook. Once the social network has long been used to facilitate access to various apps and sites, it has finally happened with online credit.

What are the conditions for applying through Facebook

Typically, the conditions for applying through Facebook are not different from those that applicants have to cover when requesting funding in another form. If there is any difference, it is that through the Facebook page this procedure can be even simpler.

Gandalf Credit is among the first names in Bulgaria to use the social network to reach more customers. This is also a more preferred way for users who want to make the most application possible

What are the benefits of fast loans?

The benefits of fast credit service are that you can rely on funding when you face an urgent need for money. The reaction from these companies may be lightning, and this gives you some certainty that there is someone to rely on if you need it.

Undoubtedly, if we have to mention another advantage of this type of funding, it should be easy to meet the conditions and criteria. It’s enough to be a full-time citizen with regular income and a permanent job to get approval.

What more can Gandalf Credit offer us?

As one of the most prestigious companies in the sector, Gandalf Credit can offer us extremely flexible terms. The loans are usually up to 2000 leva and the company stands out again against the rest in that it allows to withdraw larger amounts.

Of course, in order to obtain the maximum possible amount of the loan, the applicant must prove not only that he receives regular income from a permanent job, but also that his remuneration will allow him to live normally, even during the payment of contributions. Here we can find:

  • the widest variety of loans;
  • low interest rates;
  • flexible conditions;
  • low requirements;
  • quick and timely response.