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[1.6.2] Epic Castle

2.19K Views5 Comments


[1.6.2] HoverCraft

1.90K Views0 Comments

A floating island pvp map, where you must capture points to advance. To use the in-game reset feature you must have 13w37a or higher.

[1.8.3] Aqua Park

1.44K Views0 Comments


[1.7.9] Cards Against Minecraft

2.61K Views0 Comments

Cards Against Minecraft is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Minecraft is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends

[1.8.6] Mega Parkour Map with Prize

1.53K Views0 Comments

This is map for you! Try Complete and get prize! Minecraft 1.8.6

[1.8] Mizzle II

1.99K Views0 Comments

Mizzle II is a puzzle map using all new Minecraft 1.8 mechanics. Explore an improbable laboratory where the dimensions are a bit mixed. A must play.

[1.8.8] Nether Torus III

1.82K Views0 Comments

Nether Torus II, the map launched 35,000 years ago. Traveling at light-speed for millenia, you finally awake at your destination to find that you are hosed.

[1.7.9] The Dark Ages [Medieval Adventure]

2.40K Views1 Comments

Travel back in time to the Fantasy Medieval era!

[1.6.2] The Waffle Games

1.15K Views0 Comments

Welcome to The Waffle Games! Well, actually, it's just The Hunger Games... But I thought: The Hunger Games + Wafflecakes... hmm... hunger... waffle... The Waffle Games!

[1.6.2] Minecraft Hotel

1.06K Views0 Comments


[1.6.2] the starz

2.51K Views6 Comments

get the textpack and have fun

[1.7.5] Moblympics

1.66K Views3 Comments

Race your zombie through the giant stadium!

[1.7.10] You Don’t Know What This Is

1.34K Views1 Comments

You have to survive 5 nights at a haunted Freddy's Pizzeria.

[1.6.2] My name is James.

1.69K Views4 Comments

My name is James. I don't know where i am or why. It just happens to me sometimes. I know something is wrong. Maybe i just travel again. in my dreams.

[1.7.9] Bekkie survival island

1.61K Views0 Comments

Bekkie survival map fun to play 1 or with ur friend

[1.6.2] The Invisible Maze

1.43K Views2 Comments

"The Invisible Maze" is a minigame involving a maze with invisible walls. The goal is, as in any other maze, to find your way out as quickly as possible. A timer will record your time.

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