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[1.7.9] Li’l Planet

1.24K Views0 Comments

This map is the first map made by my new Minecraft company, Play Like a Child. All of our members are kids that like to make <a href="<a href="http://minecrafti

[1.6.2] StrongholdCrusader

2.29K Views3 Comments


[1.6.4] Quest for the treasure (Security craft req)

2.21K Views3 Comments

a fun map with a lot of unexpected moments

[1.8] Mizzle II

2.13K Views0 Comments

Mizzle II is a puzzle map using all new Minecraft 1.8 mechanics. Explore an improbable laboratory where the dimensions are a bit mixed. A must play.

[1.8] CnC Renegade’s Resource Pack 1.8

1.17K Views0 Comments

This texture pack is still work in progress. Most of the blocks have been done but some of the items (armor, ect.) still need to be finished.

[1.6.4] Cruise Ship

5.83K Views5 Comments

A huge Cruise ship that is over 300 blocks long!

[1.8] Iaven – Magic of Colors

2.14K Views0 Comments

Iaven is a magic island where each season, be it winter, spring, summer or autumn, lasts no longer than week. Iaven can be divided into four main regions - Lena Delta, White Winter, Nedgeradak and Ton

[1.7.2] The Survival Island

5.95K Views0 Comments

This is my first Survival Island map, I am planning to do a series on it, hopefully once per month! I'll also have holiday-themed TSI Maps!

[1.7.2] World of roller coasters

3.37K Views1 Comments

A very cool map with more than roller coasters!

[1.6.2] The Invisible Maze

1.57K Views2 Comments

"The Invisible Maze" is a minigame involving a maze with invisible walls. The goal is, as in any other maze, to find your way out as quickly as possible. A timer will record your time.

[1.6.2] Passage Through the Void

1.10K Views1 Comments

Islands full of mysteries and challenges float suspended above the void. With over 3 hours of gameplay and new and interesting challenges always around the corner, can you conquer them all?

[1.8.4] Gaturro´s Room

1.63K Views0 Comments

The Gaturro´s Room is an amazing survival adventure that gives welcome to newcomers to the world of Gaturro and friends and allow fans to enjoy a vast new world.

[1.6.2] Rise of the Fallen

1.10K Views0 Comments

Survive the Never-Ending Apocalypse defending The Core from the Zombies and Skeletons. With the heroes, Knight, Wizard, Sorcerer, Archer, Rouge, Ninja, and Monk defending the core.

[1.7.10] About Tinkers Construct Mod !!!

1.47K Views0 Comments

Getting Started Tinkers' Construct is a mod about putting tools together in a wide variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else. The tools never disappear and can be named

[1.7.9] Parkour Map V.2

7.33K Views16 Comments

A unique style parkour map. DON’T FALL!

[1.7.9] The Dark Ages [Medieval Adventure]

2.54K Views1 Comments

Travel back in time to the Fantasy Medieval era!

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