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[1.7.9] Parkour Map V.2

7.79K Views16 Comments

A unique style parkour map. DON’T FALL!

[1.6.2] the starz

2.83K Views6 Comments

get the textpack and have fun

[1.6.2] Spleef of the Dragon Egg

2.74K Views6 Comments

"Spleef is one of many popular player-invented games played in Minecraft. The overall objective is to be the last player standing."

[1.6.4] Cruise Ship

6.20K Views5 Comments

A huge Cruise ship that is over 300 blocks long!

[1.6.2] Epic Castle

2.52K Views5 Comments


[1.6.2] Kingogan’s Rocky Mountain Replica – Massive 3000×3000 Map!

1.58K Views5 Comments

I recently took a trip to the rockies in BC, and I said to myself - hey, why not make my own mountain range? And so I did. Introducing Kingzogan's Rocky Mountain Replica!

[1.6.2] My name is James.

1.96K Views4 Comments

My name is James. I don't know where i am or why. It just happens to me sometimes. I know something is wrong. Maybe i just travel again. in my dreams.

[1.5.2] Sky Pillars

2.26K Views4 Comments

By 515ivan515

[1.6.2] Upside Down Survival

2.10K Views4 Comments

¡lɐʌıʌɹnS uʍop ǝpısd∩ oʇ ǝɯoɔlǝM Like the name suggests, everything in this survival map is Upside Down. Objective: survive. Don't expect to see any chest with starting items though!

[1.7.9] Cruise Ship

2.68K Views3 Comments

I'm finally done with my biggest cruise ship yet! it has 898 cabins (yes, i counted), a big shopping area, lots of bars and restaurants, a theater and so much more!

[1.7.5] Moblympics

1.94K Views3 Comments

Race your zombie through the giant stadium!

[1.6.4] Quest for the treasure (Security craft req)

2.47K Views3 Comments

a fun map with a lot of unexpected moments

[1.7.2] The Safari [African Adventure]

4.14K Views3 Comments

Finally, vacation time. What better spot to spend it at then Lybia, a beautiful African world. The highlight of this vacation is going to be when you take your safari. brochures never lie about qualit

[1.6.2] StrongholdCrusader

2.55K Views3 Comments


[1.6.4] Wecoarts Mod

1.88K Views3 Comments

Hello. First, all information about items/recipes/downloads here: Second, here is a quick overview about the mod:

[1.6.2] [Horror] THE HOSPITAL – Silent Hill

1.68K Views2 Comments

THE HOSPITAL a horror map by Zvede This is a horror map so it contains a story, scary atmosphere and jumpscares. Don't lose your mind!

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