[1.7.9] Cards Against Minecraft


WARNING: Cards Against Minecraft contains mature topics
Cards Against Minecraft is pretty much Cards Against Humanity in Minecraft. I’ve adapted the original card game into a Minecraft Map. Currently, the map only supports four players (no more, no less). Some of the cards are straight from Cards Against Humanity, while others I have made up.

-The Arena-
The Arena is divided into four different sections, with a small fifth section in the middle. Each player will choose a Team (Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, or Human) and will be teleported to that team’s square. That player will stay in that square for most of the game. That is where cards are dropped and cards can be submitted.
However, every round a player is chosen to be the Card Czar. That player is teleported to the center area. A small underground area is where the Card Czar receives the other players’ responses and gives out points.
There are four voting rooms which is where the Card Czar gives out the point to the winner. Each room is different so that the Card Czar cannot vote for himself.

Cards Against Minecraft contains two types of cards, White Cards and Black Cards. White Cards contain a word of phrase. Black Cards contain a sentence with a blank. The Card Czar receives one Black Card and reads it to the other players. The other players then submit one White Card that they think fits the blank in the most funny way.
There are currently 92 Black Cards and 401 White Cards. I will be adding more cards every update after the initial release. Once all cards have been used, the map will have to be reset.

I’ve made this entire map by myself, but my friends have helped me test it. Thanks to Treeman33, saber30, HAPPYFACE196CJ3, and Minalt.


Additional Information

Gamemode: Minigame
Supports at least Minecraft version 1.7.9


Map by: aidan1600904

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