[1.7.2] The Survival Island


Story (Must Read):

Dear Player,

You have been sent on a mission to Mineland (Minecraft’s Iceland), but while flying in the plane, you notice something strange about the pilot… He is complaining about a headache, you suspiciously nod and ask, “Any alcohol recently?”; He replies with “Well I was at a party two nights ago, and my wife has been complaining about me acting weird. I don’t know why…? I feel fine.” When you were boarding the plane, he seemed to be in a daze, and it still feels like that; so you mention to him, “Sir, you seem to be in a daze, are you sure you are okay?” He seems mad when you say that. You get terrified once you realize he isn’t joking, and he starts swearing. He yells at you, “LOOK! THERE’S AN ISLAND SH*TFACE!” He kicks you out… you land at the shoreline of the island… You pass out. You wake up in this strange what seems, island (you have amnesia)… You decide what happens from this point.

This is my first Survival Island map, I am planning to do a series on it, hopefully once per month! Just subscribe to this thread to stay updated, and I’ll hopefully have holiday-themed Survival Island maps!


The Survival Island #1: http://adf.ly/ZtiXQ (November 2013, Regular)




Additional Information

Gamemode: Survival
Supports at least Minecraft version 1.7.2
Forum topic (if any):


Map by: pigrider273

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