[1.7.10] About Tinkers Construct Mod !!!


To get started you need a few tables and a place to put your patterns.
Be sure to put the pattern chest by the part builder, as you can access them together. Use the Stencil Table to craft the patterns, and craft tool parts from them using the Part Builder. The part builder also displays information about the material used.
Next step is the Tool Station, where you build, modify, and repair tools
The next step is to build a Smeltery, so you can process metals and use them for tool parts as well. All you need is some gravel, sand and clay.
You can even automate your Smeltery. There’s some new friends included as well.
The mod also brings a few new things to the world, like these fellows here.


Q: Where did Copper, Tin, Aluminum,… go?

A: Tinkers’ does not add any ore generation besides Cobalt and Ardite anymore. It does however support any mods that add them automatically.

Q: The Smeltery is missing!

A: Go to your config directory. There you’ll find a TinkerModules.cfg. Enable the Smeltery there.


A: Active development always focuses on the current version of Minecraft. There will be no backports to older/previous versions.

Q: Optifine crashes my game with Tinkers’!

A: Optifine changes how rendering works. If it crashes the game, there’s nothing I can do about that. Tinkers’ Construct does not use any special rendering.


Additional Information

Supports at least Minecraft version 1.7.10


Mod by: bigpunrip

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