[1.7.10] Hungry (Realistic) Animals Mod 1.7.10


Hungry Animals is a mod that changes vanilla animals’ feeding activity and AI. Have you ever wondered about why vanilla animals aren’t starved to death? This mod makes nice changes for your questions. Now wild animals can grow their population! They eat grass and sometimes they even fall in love. Of course some of them could be starved to death. They will make equilibrium with nature. High population will deepen their competition and excess will naturally die. Animals begin to excrete! You can see excreta over every hills and every fields. There’s no bad effect for animals yet but you can use them as fertilizer. Ferment excreta into good manure to grow more wheat and carrots.

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Supports at least Minecraft version 1.7.10


Mod by: prominecrafter

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  • Nathan Hall

    Since MS bought Minecraft we’ve all been waiting to see if they will destroy or maintain what is a very complex and fragile thing. True it was Mojang who decided that Witch Huts would not spawn Witches (?!) with the simple effect of robbing us all of a great spawner. I’ve got back to Minecraft after a long rest/sulk and find that actually a few little things have been fixed – some interference in redstone circuits that came with an update has magically disappeared. One of my spawners has broken only because they have increased general spawn rates, but we can fix that. The Cave Spider spawner is screwed and I can’t work out what they’ve done. But on the whole there seems to have been very litle damage. I guess the next big update will tell us all we need to know. What do we think so far?