[1.6.2] Spleef of the Dragon Egg


“Spleef is one of many popular player-invented games played in Minecraft. The overall objective is to be the last player standing. The name is a play on the word grief as the game involves destroying blocks. The game can be played entirely in vanilla. Though the peak of its popularity was in Minecraft Classic, it has since made a comeback in Beta and the full release.” – Minecraft Wiki

The floor of this spleef arena – which is most of the time made out of snow – is made out of… dragon eggs! This arena is truly unique – never has this kind of spleef arena been made before. I’m proud to present you this arena!

This map – contrary to other spleef arenas – doesn’t require any tool to “break” the block the floor has been made out of. As you now, you just click a dragon egg, and it will teleport away. This will also add an interesting new feature to this spleef: most dragon eggs will, as they teleport, stay inside the arena, some will fall through the current holes and some will just teleport out of the arena. The ones that manage to stay inside the arena, will create an interesting and challenging scenery with stacked eggs!

This minigame requires at least 2 players (of course) and can be played with up to 4 players. Just choose your color and when everyone is in the arena, the game will start automatically. Good luck!









Additional Information

Gamemode: Minigame
Supports at least Minecraft version 1.6.2


Map by: Wafflecakes

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