[1.6.2] Rise of the Fallen


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Knight: Fighting off with a Sword, Slow attacks, High Health with two bars ofLife-Points, and Massive Strength wielding the sword letting it able to do massive damage on the Fallen, The Knight is also slow on Agility.

Wizard/Sorcerer: The Wizard/Sorcerer has two paths before you gear up, White Mageand Black Mage. They both have different magic rods to use to fight off the fallen, they can invent and brew Potions to provide buffs on your Party.
The Magic Users both have slow speed and slower attacks with moreLife-Pointsandabsorption, they also have Weaker attacks on the Fallen.

Archer: Annihilating zombies with the Strength of the Bow, the Archer has faster attacks quick drawing and killing zombies faster before reaching The Core. The Archer has normal health, and normal attack power, but the Archer itself has faster Movement.

Rouge: Swift striking slice and dice having the most Fast Attacks in the game with normal health and very weak attacks, the Rouge itself has insanely fast speed escaping from the Fallen in time to avoid hits from the Zombies.

Ninja: A cloaking class yet slow on movement but has very fast attacks allowing to make multiple hits on enemies. Normal health, normal attack power, with Kunais and Shurikens to use against the Fallen.

Monk: A strong class using it’s fists to fight the Fallen with massive Strength and slow speed, also slower attacks and Higher Life-Points.

If you are playing on Multiplayer, enable command blocks, If you are playing on LAN, enable cheats so some Command Blocks will function correctly.
Please take one set from the chests that we provide in the gear of each class, thanks.

Give us support and feedback or post bugs on the comment or message us suggestions and we will think about how we will work on it, Diamond it if you like the map, ideas, etc. Please give us feedback or a diamond, we would appreciate it a lot if you guys did!
Please Re-Download it if your Party fails to Defend the Core and Falls.





Additional Information

Gamemode: Minigame
Supports at least Minecraft version 1.6.2


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