[1.6.2] Prison Break


Prison Break is my first puzzle map, in it you spawn in a room with no items except the books (welcome, rules and hints) and some steak. You must do anything to get out, as long as you do not break solid blocks! This can be either a short or a long adventure map, depending on whether or not you know how to do it! There will be signs in rooms, they can update rooms rules, so if one says ‘You can break stone in this room’ then it means you can break stone, but only in that room!

Download instructions (adf.ly)

Once you click on it you will be directed to a page, DO NOT CLICK ON THE ADD! Wait 5 seconds and click on the top right where it says ‘skip add’. This will take you to the download page. Click download and once it’s downloaded move it to:

PC: %appdata%, .minecraft, saves

Mac: /users/(account name)/Library/application support/minecraft/saves

This map is best played in single player
If you do use multiplayer make sure command blocks are turned on!

Map info:

Length: Depending on whether you know how to complete it can vary from 5-25 minutes.
Difficulty: Medium
Creator: BigBoom132
Version: 1.6.2

If recording please link to either ‘adf.ly’ download page or ” http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1954593-prison-break-puzzle-map/ “
(Direct link to adf.ly: http://adf.ly/UZBgI)

-No breaking solid blocks (e.g. stone, pistons or wood); you can break none-solid blocks (e.g. torches, chests and slabs)
-No breaking doors!
-No using commands (except ‘/gamerule’ and in multiplayer ‘/tp (name) (name)’)
-Play in gamemode 0!




A room featuring basic redstone!



A room which requires you to look at your surroundings!


Additional Information

Gamemode: Puzzle
Supports at least Minecraft version 1.6.2


Map by: octopo2

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