[1.6.2] Passage Through the Void


Playable on singleplayer and multiplayer, but the map will be more fun with two or more players.
New in version 1.3: You can now unlock a bonus adventure after completing the map. The Island of Illusion!
Complete with new types of puzzles, a fully functional battle arena, eight zones, and command block run quests and features.
Its been tested multiple times and all the glitches were fixed before launch. If a part seems broken, make sure command blocks are enabled, and if you’re still having trouble, try thinking in a different way.
It took me nearly 2 hours to beat it myself, and an average of over 3 for a regular player. (The bonus adventure takes an additional 30-45 minutes.)
There is some parkour, but it is very short, and not that difficult.

http://tinyurl.com/passagevoid1-3 (Ver 1.3 – Minecraft update 1.6)

http://tinyurl.com/passagevoid1-2 (Ver 1.2 – Minecraft update 1.5)

http://tinyurl.com/passagevoid1-1 (Ver 1.1 – Minecraft update 1.4)

Feedback is very appreciated.
Hope you all enjoy this!




Mountain island



Spawn and Forest islands



Village island


Additional Information

Gamemode: Adventure
Supports at least Minecraft version 1.6.2


Map by: BonyRaptor101

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