Have you ever looked for a CTF map, but a map where you can blow the other teams flags to dust?

You don’t have to search for it anymore!
Castle vs. Riot is the first known BTF (Bomb The Flag) team map! Your teams goal is to eradicate all of the other teams flags! There are five flags in each team. The Red team has all their five flags in the castle at the top of the towers with roofs, while the Blue team has their five flgas located at each corner towers top on the outer wall and one at the top of the Town Hall! There are a few rules that you should play this map after!

Map Rules

1. You may only destroy by blowing them up with TNT! No removal of blocks with your hands or tools!
2. When the game has started and you’ve selected your team you may not change team until the game is over, else you need to restart it!
3. Suggestions is that you talk through Skype, teamspeak and other similar softwares, or else the other team may see what you plan in the chat!
4. This map is made to be played at a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 16 players IN EACH TEAM!
5. When all flags of a team are destroyed the game is over! The map does not reset itself, so you need to remove it and reinstall it if you want to paly it again!




This is an easy overview of the town

Additional Information

Gamemode: PvP
Supports at least Minecraft version 1.6.2


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