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[1.8] Mizzle II

70 Views0 Comments

Mizzle II is a puzzle map using all new Minecraft 1.8 mechanics. Explore an improbable laboratory where the dimensions are a bit mixed. A must play.

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[1.6.2] Escape the Lab

2.18K Views1 Comments

You, Stevie, have been captured by a mad scientist, along with other testificates, who's about to perform tests on you and your cellmate. Your cellmate, Denton, however is determined to escape.

[1.7.2] Rush Remake

1.36K Views0 Comments

A Reamke of the Famous Map Rush.

[1.7.2] The Survival Island

1.18K Views0 Comments

This is my first Survival Island map, I am planning to do a series on it, hopefully once per month! I'll also have holiday-themed TSI Maps!

[1.6.4] Cruise Ship

893 Views5 Comments

A huge Cruise ship that is over 300 blocks long!

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[1.7.9] Parkour Map V.2

861 Views16 Comments

A unique style parkour map. DON’T FALL!

[1.7.9] Cards Against Minecraft

292 Views0 Comments

Cards Against Minecraft is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Minecraft is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends

[1.7.9] Steve’s Resort Island (contest)

325 Views0 Comments

This is my lovely Resort Island. Howdy, It’s Bobgil here. My awesome island has many attractions in it. It’s featuring: In Description!

[1.7.2] World of roller coasters

670 Views1 Comments

A very cool map with more than roller coasters!

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[1.7.9] Parkour Map V.2

861 Views16 Comments

A unique style parkour map. DON’T FALL!

[1.6.2] the starz

202 Views6 Comments

get the textpack and have fun

[1.6.2] Spleef of the Dragon Egg

116 Views6 Comments

"Spleef is one of many popular player-invented games played in Minecraft. The overall objective is to be the last player standing."

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